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Gold ENnie for Best Writing: Eclipse Phase

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I write and edit for role-playing games, including both setting material and game design. I also write sci-fi. Most recently, I’ve been on the core team for the award-winning Eclipse Phase RPG. I’ve also been known to write music reviews, book reviews, and blog posts of general interest. I’m very interested in doing work for companies producing PC or console games. I’m an alumnus of the Clarion West writer’s workshop (attended in 2010).

I can and will solve any of the following creative challenges (and others; an exhaustive list would be out of scope!) at reasonable rates:

  • Your vampires are mall goths and need a brainlift.
  • You’re designing an imaginary planet, and you want it to make sense right down to the level of plate tectonics.
  • The elves in your quasi-medieval European setting are a snore and need interesting personality disorders.
  • Characters in your game system can hop from body to body. You need both mechanics for this and a good take on how it feels, including its effects on the cultures of the game world.
  • Your vehicle combat system is broken and needs fixing.

Silver ENnie for Product of the Year: Eclipse Phase

The only people I’m really not interested in writing about are superheroes. Stupid superheroes. Sorry, they’re just not my cup of mutated genomes.

Fiction Publications

Role-Playing Games Industry Credits

  • Eclipse Phase Core Rules (writer/designer: Solar System gazetteer, Drugs & Narcoalgorithms, some material in Combat chapter, “Accelerated Future” chapter, member of core design team). Won Gold ENnie for Best Writing, Silver ENnie for Product of the Year, and Origins Award for Best New RPG. Nominated for Golden Geek Award in 2010.
  • Eclipse Phase: Sunward (writer/designer)
  • Eclipse Phase: GM’s Screen (writer/designer)
  • Eclipse Phase: Panopticon (opening fiction, writer/designer)
  • Eclipse Phase: Rimward (opening fiction, writer/designer)
  • Kobold Quarterly (monster article, “Night Terrors,” in KQ #20)
  • Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles Adventure Path #4, Island of Empty Eyes (“Mysteries of the Shackles” chapter)
  • Shadowrun (Third Edition): Shadows of Europe (assistant editor)

Other Related Experience & Education

  • Technology Blogger (guest posted in 2010 for Latitude Research and Shareable.net)
  • Social Media Marketing Ninja & Community Coordinator, Eclipse Phase RPG team, 2009
  • Ad & Marketing Copywriting (incidental but extensive experience doing this while working primarily as a web developer), 1996-2009
  • Technical Writing & Project Management (RFPs, software specifications, manuals & documentation), 1996-2009 (a component of every job I’ve held during this period; see my other site, jackgraham.net, for more on these experiences)
  • BA, English Major in Fiction Writing, Northwestern University, 1996
  • Film Editor, art+performance magazine, 1995-1996
  • Founder & Chief Storyteller, Dead City Productions (Northwestern University live-action role-playing club), 1994-1996

If you’d like to get in touch, please post a comment with your e-mail address in it, and I will respond privately. (Your e-mail address won’t show up on the site; all comments here are moderated).

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