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Eclipse Phase: Panopticon & Broken Time Blues Go Live

August 17th, 2011 No comments
Panopticon cover

Eclipse Phase: Panopticon. Is that a monkey & an octopus in a pit fight? You bet your sweet ass it is, paatno-san.

The new Eclipse Phase hardcover, Panopticon: A Focused Eye on Transhumanity, Vol. I, went live for PDF sales on today. It’s available as both a standalone PDF and a Creative Commons-licensed hack pack so that players & GMs can mash up the art for their own use.

Physical copies of Panopticon will be available inĀ  gaming stores (at least in the U.S.) on August 31. Support your FLGS! But if you just can’t wait that long, or don’t have a game store that stocks Eclipse Phase, it’s also available through Indie Press Revolution.

Panopticon features new material on uplifted animals, ubiquitous surveillance, and space habitats (the chapter I co-authored with Justin Kugler). Along with beautiful art and detailed setting information, it’s packed with new morphs, new gear, and new mechanics of use to both players and GMs. This is a great book to own if you’re into the high tech dungeon crawl or political aspects of the game, and the chapter on sentient animals is essential reading if your campaign involves uplifts. And the opening story, El Destino Verde, also written by me, ain’t too shabby, either… in my entirely humble opinion.

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Broken Time Blues cover art

Broken Time Blues: Fantastic Tales in the Roaring Twenties

Meanwhile, on the fiction front, my story Der Graue Engel appears in Broken Time Blues: Fantastic Tales in the Roaring ’20s. It’s got a little bit of Fritz Lang, a little bit of Cabaret, and a little bit of LeGuin’s Hainish Cycle, all turned loose in a Weimar Germany that’s about to hit the skids big time. I can’t wait to get my hands on the book myself, because it’s also got stories by three of my Clarion West 2010 classmates — Frank Ard, John Remy, and Andrew Romine — as well as by Paizo’s fiction editor, the estimable James Sutter. Keen-as-hell art by Galen Dara ices the cake. Our editors, Jaym Gates and Erika Holt, themed their last anthology, Rigor Amortis, around zombie erotica, so I highly doubt they pulled any punches on this one.

All right, enough marketing. I’ve got another chapter of Eclipse Phase: Rimward to polish off tonight…

Part Two of ‘Selkies’ on Robots podcast

October 16th, 2008 No comments

The second segment of my story Selkies aired Friday on the Robots podcast. This episode of Robots, ‘Warehouse Robots,’ features a talk with a Cornell University robotics professor, Raffaello D’Andrea, whose work includes soccer robots and warehouse fulfillment systems.

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Robot Seals, Underwater Swarms, & Doppler Velocity Logs (New Story!)

September 26th, 2008 No comments

The podcast Robots, produced by associates of the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at L’Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland, will be serializing my story Selkies over their next four episodes. Every two weeks, Robots interviews people doing interesting work in the field of robotics and presents news and views on the industry. This week’s episode focuses on AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) and the technology behind them.

Robots: Swarming Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (blog post & mp3 link)

Many thanks to Sabine Hauert for bringing me on as a contributor, to Christine Pachinger for her lovely reading of the story, and to the rest of the Robots team for the great work they’re doing. Robots is aimed at a general audience. If you’re a hardcore robotics geek, it’s also worth checking out their previous podcast, Talking Robots, which was intended more for specialists (they randomly chose me for a man-on-the-street interview in their final episode).