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Hi! This is Jack Graham. I’m a sci-fi writer dwelling in the Central Square neighborhood of super-nrrdy Cambridge, Massachusetts. My stories tend to be about some or all of the following: artificial intelligence, consciousness, memes, politics, relationships, sex, and societal evolution. And almost always The Future. I’m from Chicago, Illinois.

If you like Jeff Noon and Vernor Vinge but wish Noon would be more of a geek and Vinge less of a nerd, you should try reading my stuff. I like to describe my fiction as lyrical hard sci-fi. Hope you enjoy it!

I update this blog with new stories as they come to me. Subscribe to the RSS feed if you wish to be Well Informed.

If you’re interested in hiring me (for freelance work or otherwise), have a look here. If you’re looking for my web, e-mail, and social media work, go here.

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