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things that bugged me about Avatar

  1. If the electromagnetic radiation on this planet is fierce enough to make mountains float and radar useless, shouldn’t it also have prevented the humans from remotely controlling their avatar bodies?
  2. You have to grow an avatar body with human DNA to enable a human mind to control it. In fact, it has to be compatible DNA. This implies that human and Na’vi neural architecture is substantially different. Yet humans in avatars are able to use their neural interface hair tendrils to link with native animals with no more difficulty than the real Na’vi do. This was kind of a stretch.
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  1. July 2nd, 2010 at 13:05 | #1

    My problems with Avatar had nothing to do with the voodoo sci-fi it portrayed. I feel that trying to make sense of sci-fi, particularly this brand of soft serve, is futile.

    However, I cannot in good conscience put Avatar anywhere near my top sci fi movies. I hate exposition being forced down my throat. Of course the [disabled] guy is gonna be the hero. Of course the idealistic and shapely tree hugging creatures are gonna win. Of course big business is apparently the devil and burns trees to make money. Of course the [%#&$!] scientist is gonna turn out to have a devil-may-care attitude and a hidden heart of gold. I fucking get it. The entire time the movie just said to me “HERE’S HOW YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO FEEL NOW, DIPSHIT!”

    Avatar was a fucking high school play of Fern Gully as far as I was concerned.

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