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Is it okay that I’m having fun with the Bulls-Celtics playoff series?

April 28th, 2009 No comments

“Whoa! Not a sci-fi post at all!” you say. Really? Allow me to share my thoughts. (If GRRM can do it all over his LJ, so can I!).

Part of my interest stems from my Chicago roots and the bizarre rabidness of Boston sports fans, combined with my perverse desire to mess with people. Part of it is that intense strain of homesickness that has in the past even caused me, a North Sider, to even (shudder!) say a few nice things about the White Sox during the World Series Run. But I can also offer an intellectual justification that has interesting extrapolations when you consider future socioeconmic models. To whit….

Even in a socialist, anarcho-communist, or H+ post-scarcity society, one will still be able to gauge the prosperity & economic health of a city, region, space habitat, or clade in part by the success of its athletic teams. And if, when one factors in the benefits of prosperity to culture, art, and intellectual life, getting excited about the place where you live in this way is A-OK.

Discuss. ;)

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