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Eclipse Phase update

January 14th, 2009 No comments

LLOTV SpacecraftSince most of the time I normally put into working on fiction has gone into Eclipse Phase lately, here’s an update on that… since I don’t have any new stories to post.

Editorial work is finished on the core rulebook, and it’s looking great. Final proofreading finishes this Friday. The major holdup has been the art, and now that I know a little more about how art gets done for an RPG, I can see why. The setting is the major challenge. Transhuman SF is still a fairly new genre, and it seems like a lot of artists either have a strong impulse to make it look like anime, or are still stuck in a mindset where everything should look like either Warhammer 40K or Star Trek. Fortunately, after finishing work on Cthulhutech, our amazing new art director, Mike Vaillancourt, stepped in and has been doing a great job getting the artists to produce stuff that fits our vision.

As for my contribution, I’ve finished my work on the core book, which was a combination of rules for some of the technology and setting material, including a Mercury-to-the-Kuipers guide to the posthuman solar system. I’m now working on sections in two yet-to-be-announced supplement books and have an assignment for a third. I’m not supposed to say what the books are yet, but I don’t think it could hurt to say what I’m doing/have done for them. Item one was an adventure scenario. The second is some more in-depth setting material and a few rules on Mars. The third is going to be more in-depth material on space stations and orbital habitats.

So I’m definitely a bit irked at myself for letting the fiction currently in the works languish, but I’ve been keeping pretty damned busy anyhow.

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